How it all began

Everything has beauty in it.  And everything tells a story.   And to me each piece of leather is a living story, a tribute to the majestic animals that will live on forever. 

I started handcrafting leather products in 2012 for family and friends.  But I wanted to share this passion and creativity with other people, informing them that I can make you an heirloom, a heritage piece, to pass on to future generations.   For that is how long leather will live.  I recently restored a travel bag that was made in the early 1800’s and the current owner is very proud of his treasure.  Truly magnificent.  In a world where everything is quick and fast and meant only for one season, I needed to take a step back and craft something timeless – with love and patience and by hand …

Salome has a wide variety of interests, of which the love of nature and natural products takes high priority. She is also qualified as Nature Guide.

Based in Vanrhynsdorp, Western Cape, she have been making quality leather products since January 2012.  She is creative, hard-working lady wishing to produce unique, bespoke and especially designed handmade leather articles.  She works from home at the foot of the lovely Maskam Mountain and the tranquility of their surroundings inspire her one-of-a kind timeless designs